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ITHA Plumbing and Civil Construction, always finish their projects at the exact estimated time. Given the scale of the proposed development, it is the current expectation that the construction will take approximately 4 years . Whilst the construction work is likely to be broadly continuous, with for example elements of earthworks, landscaping and infrastructure provision overlapping, for the purposes of assessment it has been divided into four broad phases of development. It is anticipated that Phase 1 as per the work instruction.

Each phase will consist of infrastructure works to prepare the land prior to build development being commenced.
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Civil works methodology

The civil construction industry provides the built infrastructure that underpins community and business services such as roads, water and sewerage, pipelines, bridges, marine structures, residential and commercial subdivisions, and related earthworks.

Work Method Statements are written statements that;

  • Guide workers how to complete an activity
  • Inform people about the hazards associated with the activity
  • Provide control measures to remove or minimize the hazards

Plumbing and Civil Construction Building Methodology

Construction methodology is provided in accordance with the requirement of that particular project or contract.

The main work details of the building construction proposal:

  • Setting the commercial norms with the concerned local government and incorporating the regulatory guidelines in the project.
  • Maintaining the environmental and safety regulations.
  • Processing the details of the infrastructural functionalities required for the building.

The chief objectives of the building construction proposal:

  • -One of the top priorities would be providing a world class quality of infrastructural support to the concerned field of operation.
  • To establish a source of revenue earnings and appropriately sharing it with the concerned local government within the legal framework.
  • Establishing a cordial relation with the concerned authority.

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